Due to the high crime rate in the past years South Africa built a reputation of a dangerous country.  The security risks regarding South Africa are often overrated by the media, nevertheless it is generally more dangerous than the USA or Europe and it is essential that you, as a tourist, follow some basic principles.

  • plan your trip to avoid travelling at night
  • book your accommodation in advance
  • refuel your vehicle when the gauge fall bellow half-full (the distances between petrol stations in less populated areas are high)
  • recharge your cell phone before your journey or have an adapter to recharge in your vehicle
  • do not travel or hike alone
  • always lock your vehicle when you drive or leave your car
  • do not leave any object visible in your car (cars have been broken into for seemingly worthless items)
  • in the national parks do not leave your vehicle - predators can get you and it is not allowed by the park rules
  • before you swim in any natural reservoir make sure there are no crocodiles
  • close your tent and hut properly to prevent baboons getting in - they can be dangerous when you surprise them
  • if you want to see the slums in big cities join an organised tour (in most cities cultural tours are available)